Bulk SMS Services for Event Managers

Bulk SMS Services for Event Managers

We are leading Bulk SMS service provider in India. Offering bulk SMS service for event managements at very affordable price.

Now a day’s event management is about more than sending mass emails, handing out flyers, hoarding advertisements, and plastering posters on walls. In today’s competitive world, event managers must think outside the box to reach target audiences.

Bulk SMS solution can help you to market an event, organize staff, and draw in the right crowd. Here’s exactly how you can use the Bulk SMS for event management

Advertise The Event

You can use bulk SMS campaign to promote your latest events.

Event Confirmation

Instead of making numerous calls or sending emails, an SMS can be sent reminding them to confirm their presence.

Event Announcements & notification

SMS messages can be send to all audience giving them useful information about the event.

Reservation Confirmations

You can also use SMS messages to confirm ticket purchases or reservations.

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