Bulk SMS Services for Government & Public Utilities

Bulk SMS Services for Government & Public Utilities

Bulk SMS is now become an essential communication & marketing tool for services, businesses, and public sector.

Our text messaging services are used by public sectors institutions to enhance service delivery conversation, drive public awareness, payment reminders for electric bills, telephone bills, water bills, including incident and damage assessment. Bulk SMS is the most efficient mode of communicating medium in emergency information. With the use of mobile SMS communication both government administration and public can advantage to save life, improve social security, cleanliness awareness.

Text messaging provides a simple and effective way to communicate with people

Features of Bulk SMS to Government

It enables government offices to make public information and government services reachable to the people at any time anywhere.
SMS helps governing administration to collect relevant data
Today we can easily send personalized SMS to State and central Government Offices.
With 98% read-rates, SMS is a most effective marketing channel for citizen outreach.
Use bulk SMS to motivate citizens to Vote on Election Day
SMS is the most effective way to reach masses and educate.

Number of mobile phone users in India from 2013 to 2019 (in millions)

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