Bulk SMS Services for Logistics & Courier

Bulk SMS Services for Logistics & Courier

Transport, logistic and courier businesses is continuously growing very fast, as more companies are moving to ecommerce business. Mobile technology is changing the way people used surf internet now with help of extremely mobile responsive technology people shop and interact with brands easily.

Text messaging is a powerful marketing medium. Logistic and courier companies can use SMS services for mobile marketing and customer engagement. Many companies are replaced email, fax, and phone communication with mobile text messaging.

With SMS Gateway API and mobile SMS alerts, courier and logistic companies can check order status of products and customer can also benefit from real time text alerts, notification regarding product delivery status.

Text messaging is become an efficient mode of communication for businesses to inform clients about the consignment delivery status, track consignment whereabouts, send out alerts and important updates regarding delivery status. Mobisoftinfo Telecommunication Ltd. offers cost-effective and simple automated SMS solutions, thus helps companies to achieve high productivity at very lower costs.

Key Benefits for Logistics and Courier Company

Many people prefer to send SMS instead of calling, here are key benefits of text messaging for Logistic and Courier Company.

Cut Cost

Text messaging cheaper compare to other communication and marketing tool.

Customer Retention

Timely updates can help to improve customer retention rates.

Instant & Direct

90% of people have constant access to their mobile phone - SMS can be received and read instantly – usually within 3 minutes

Customer Convenience

Sending delivery status, notifications, alerts, discount and offers via SMS will significantly improve customer relationships.

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