Bulk SMS Services for Schools and Universities

Bulk SMS Services for Schools and Universities

We are leading Bulk SMS service provider in India. Offering bulk SMS service for school, Colleges and Universities at very affordable price across India.

Text messaging are widely used in schools and colleges. SMS is an effective communication tool for parents, teachers and students. School SMS solutions, text messaging, alerts have been adopted as a very affordable means of communication compare to any other mode of communication.

Because SMS have an excellent open and response rate, text messaging created a revolution across schools and academic institutions. Whether it is deadline reminders, text blasts, or emergency alerts; bulk SMS solutions is a quickest, most effective way of getting your message across to a students and parents.

Advantages of bulk SMS for School and Educational Institutes
  • Notify Students of Deadlines & Exam Dates.
  • Send Emergency & School Closing Text Alerts.
  • Send Student Meeting Reminders.
  • Provide Links to Course Information & Grades.
  • Verify Attendance With Parents.
  • Connect With Students on a Deeper Level.
  • Improve Internal Communication.

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