Bulk SMS Services for Training Institutes & Coaching Classes

Bulk SMS Services for Training Institutes & Coaching Classes

Bulk SMS service is widely used in training institutes and coaching classes. SMS is an effective communication tool for teachers, parents and students.

More than 90% of people keep their mobile device within the reach around the clock.

With an incredible open and response rate, text messaging is playing an important role in academic institutions. Bulk SMS is a quickest and most effective solution for deadline reminders, notify students, SMS blast, emergency alerts to a large group of people.

Bulk SMS service is a first choice for training institutes and coaching classes due to incredible open rate (98% of people read SMS within 3 minutes), reliable, low cost and speed.

Key Benefits of SMS for Training Institutes and Coaching Classes.

Notify Deadlines & Exam Dates

SMS alerts can be used to remind students about projects deadlines, assignment, returning books, exam dates and other important dates.

Emergency Alerts

With the help of Mobisoftinfo Telecommunication Ltd. text messaging service, training institutes can instantly send SMS to students and parents on any emergencies.

Provide Course Information

With the help of SMS service coaching classes and training institutes can send course information, books, questions paper, reports and results with links.

Connect with Students

Text messaging enables teachers to connect with students in deeper level, with two way texting communication.

Attract & Engaged

Education sector is highly competitive, SMS services is cheaper compare to other marketing tool it helps training institutes to engage with target audience by sending regular SMS.

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