Bulk SMS Services for Banking & Financial Sector

Bulk SMS Services for Banking & Financial Sector

Text messaging in the financial sector and banking sector can help your company gain a competitive advantage in market. Besides the obvious use of text messaging for mobile banking, SMS can also be used to notify customers of financial transactions and bank account status, transactions alert. This simple communication tool will allow you to make fast information exchanges and SMS authentication makes online banking safer and secure. Let’s see how you can use the SMS services to boost your financial business in the new era of Omni channel marketing.

Key Benefits of SMS Services for Banks

  • Automatic text alerts for transactions.
  • SMS confirmations of transactions.
  • SMS banking – check account balance.
  • OTP for Authentication and Transaction Security.
  • Savings Account Balance & low balance alert.

Key Benefits of SMS Services for Financial Institutions

Announce new policies, promotional messages, payment reminders, financial advice for secure investment, announcement of new policies and rules, schemes, renewal of policies, send SMS to keep passwords secured, Send tips that help them to keep financial transactions secure, send SMS regarding personal loan, and send important information it makes customer task easy keep your customers updated.

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