Bulk SMS Services for Media & Entertainment

Bulk SMS Services for Media & Entertainment

As the traditional media such as TV, Newspapers, radio are becoming costly and less effective compare to Internet and SMS marketing. We provide Bulk SMS Services to help Media and Entertainment industry to target audience and promote latest events, new movie releases and breaking news.


Send registration links to participate in competitions, feedback links in form of short URL(s) to audience and increase their participation. We offer SMS campaigns, SMS contest, SMS voting and much more services to increase customer participation.

We provide you free bulk SMS demo account with 100 free SMS to test our bulk SMS service.
Bulk SMS is more effective than sending emails or any other mode of communication.
98% open rates for SMS compared to average of 15-20% for email
On average, people respond to SMS in under 90 seconds; for emails, 90 minutes.
In India people spend more time on mobile phone than TV
Available on all mobile phone, No need to download any apps.

Benefits of SMS Marketing

  • Real time and immediate communication
  • Involves larger audience
  • Reaches the masses
  • Attracts younger generation
  • Cost effective
  • Boost sales
  • Easy-to-use
  • Promote product and services
  • Available for almost everyone

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