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E-mail marketing is often the most favourable marketing tool used by companies and entrepreneurs in order to promote their products, send promotional offers to persons already registered with them or even efforts to garner a new audience. The fact that it is a direct mode of interaction between the customer and the company selling a particular service, makes it an essential marketing tool. It’s quite a necessary tool for you, especially if you want to retain your customers, inform them of end of season discount offers and even expand your customer base. This is a very effective mode of reaching the customer because a regular working person checks their e-mails quite frequently. In addition to this utility it is also an extremely affordable method of marketing as compared to other advertisement and marketing tool.

Advantages of Email Marketing :

The biggest advantage you have for the e-mail marketing solutions provided by our company is the affordability. Our services are at extremely competitive prices. You will not regret purchasing the plans we have to offer. In case you have any queries regarding what we bring to the table, feel free to contact us.

  • Flexible Design - You can send plain text, graphics or html page whichever suits best – design options helps to convey branding for your business.
  • It’s Quick and Easy - With the various platforms and tools available, creating a professional email marketing has never been so easy and simple.
  • Shareable – It’s easy for people to forward to their contacts, building your reputation or viral marketing.
  • Conversions - People can click on your offers, discount or shop links and follow your call to action immediately.
  • Measurable – You can easily test different designs, subject lines and see which is most effective. This helps you to optimize future campaigns for best results.
  • Cost-Effective – The costs of email marketing is much lower than many other forms of marketing platforms.
  • Environmentally Friendly – Compare to portal mail and printed letter here in email marketing there is no need to print anything.
  • Reach People on any Device – As we know nearly two-thirds of all emails being opened on a mobile device, email is easily accessible to all device.
  • No Character Limits - Email provides the benefit of unlimited space for images and content.
  • Reach Your Customers 24/7 - As we know nearly two-thirds of all emails being opened on a mobile device. This means that users can see, read, and engage with your emails 24/7, no matter where they are or what time it is.
Email Marketing

Why choose us?

Mobisoftinfo Telecommunication Ltd. is one of the premier companies in this sphere. We are a email marketing service provider in Mumbai. We have launched successful marketing strategies for various sellers. We have top-tier strategists working for us who determine the best way to secure you a wide customer base.

Our team is constantly involved in the process by evaluating and devising new methods of gaining you more subscribers to your e-mail list. We send bulk e-mail to all your clients with precision and punctuality. We have sophisticated software to send out those e-mails in an optimum manner so as to secure a successful e-mail marketing campaign in order to suit your needs.

We constantly assess our progress and make reports in order for you to judge the performance of your product and our abilities to expand and retain your consumer base. Our constant interaction with you makes us the best email marketing service provider Navi Mumbai.

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