Voice SMS

Voice SMS

Send Voice SMS in your own voice (or any pre-recorded audio message, including music) and Send Voice SMS to Landline & Mobile phones anywhere in India.

Why would you use a voice SMS service?

Quite understandably, you might be a bit reluctant to engage in a service of this sort. In the age of the internet why would you want to send a voice SMS? Well the answer lies within the question itself. Many parts of India do not have access to internet services. Many people cannot afford internet packs on their mobile phones. How would you be able to reach them? This is when a voice SMS service comes into play. Through voice SMS or bulk voice SMS, you can send pre-recorded voice notes, music, or any kind of audio message to any mobile network all across the country.

What is the utility of a Voice SMS?

You can use this service for a variety of purposes, including: , Official or General Announcements, Online Registration, Election and Political Campaign, Lead and Business generation, Premium and EMI alerts, Brand Promotion Medicine, Event Management, Payment Reminder, Health Reminders, and Stock alerts.

Voice SMS

Why choose us?

Mobisoftinfo Telecommunication Ltd. will provide you with all the services you need in this regard. Whether you wish to place a bulk voice call, or a bulk voice SMS, Mobisoft will fulfil all your voice text messaging needs. We are a voice SMS service provider in Mumbai. We will give you a great plan so that there are no hidden costs and you don’t receive an inflated bill at the end of the month. You have the choice to send the SMS in your mother tongue if you like.

The format that the voice SMS will be uploaded is either MP3 or MP4. We will, however, not be sending messages to DND numbers. In certain cell phones, text-to speech-service is available as well. You can even schedule a campaign beforehand to send your voice SMS to a large audience at one go. As you can see, the services we provide are very comprehensive and we take pride in delivering exactly what our customers need. If you have any query regarding the process of purchasing such a plan please call or e-mail us your questions.

Voice Bulk SMS you can use widely for following purposes:-
  • Election and Political Campaign
  • Lead and Business Generation
  • Event Management
  • Payment Reminder
  • Online registration
  • Brand Promotion
  • General Announcements
  • Medicine and Health reminders
  • Stock Alerts
  • Health Care
  • Insurance Premium and EMI Alerts.
  • No setup fees, No monthly fees, No hidden costs.
  • Send Voice Message in your own language.
  • Upload the recorded voice in mp3 or Mp4 format.
  • IT support staff for alert escalation process.
  • Voice SMS will not be delivered on DND Numbers.
  • Add human touch to your Voice message.
  • Text to Speech Option is available also Upload mobile numbers files.
  • Schedule Voice Campaign.

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